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until Christmas
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You've found Santa's official website for handwritten letters from Santa Claus. This is Santa's ONLY authentic "letter from Santa" website. Requests for letters go directly to Santa.

Once you make your request for your child to receive an authentic letter from Santa Claus, Santa will check his list twice before writing your child's letter. Please note that children on the naughtly list are NOT eligible for letters from Santa this year. Parents (and Grandparents) who try to bribe a child's way onto the nice list will immediately be put onto the naughty list.

Once Santa has confirmed that the child is on the nice list the process is ready to begin. Here's what your child will receive from Santa Claus:

1) Authentic, handwritten letter from Santa Claus personalized for each individual child. There is only one Santa Claus in the North Pole, right? Thus, there's only one handwriting font for Santa. If your home has multiple children rest assured the same Santa Claus writes each letter. The "unofficial" Santa sites have Santa writing imposters. They cannot guarantee the same handwriting font will be on each child's letter. They will even write letters to naughty children!!

2) Official North Pole Postmark. Where does Santa live? The North Pole, right? Don't get surprised if you receive a letter from Santa that's postmarked Santa Claus, Indiana or Austin, TX if you go to a knock-off Santa website. Kids are smarter than that. Trust me, Santa knows how smart all the kids are these days. Here's a sample of Santa Clause's official postmark from the North Pole.

3) So how do I request the letter from Santa? Simply go to the Sample Santa Letters page or click here.

4) Is there a charge to request a letter from Santa? There's a small fee to cover travel expenses. As you know Reindeer can only fly on Christmas night. It takes the Reindeer over 3 days to deliver the letters from Santa to the North Pole post office.  It can be tough sledding this time of year delivering letters from Santa.

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