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Where is the North Pole?


The North Pole

As we all know, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Santa’s elves and all nine reindeer live in a cold and frigid wonderland also known as the North Pole. The North Pole is a cold and desolate place. It is filled with icebergs, glaciers, tons of snow, with ice roughly 9 to 12 feet thick. The air is so cold in the North Pole that you can hear someone talking up to 3 miles away. There many animals that live with Santa up at the North Pole including seals, polar bears, walruses and many different kinds of reindeer, some that fly, some that even have red noses. But have you ever wondered where the North Pole is? Is the North Pole a real place?

Where is the North Pole?

The North Pole is a real place located in the northern most region of the world. The North Pole is located in the Northern hemisphere where the Earth’s axis of rotation meets the Earth’s surface. But the North Pole is most well known for being the everlasting home of Santa Claus and the location of his gigantic toy factory run by his trustworthy and dependable band of elves. The North Pole is also the place where all handwritten letters from Santa come from, and where the Postal service delivers the thousands of Christmas lists sent to Santa every year.

Interesting Facts About the North Pole

The North Pole is one of the coldest places on Earth. If you ever wondered why Santa is always wearing that heavy, fur-lined red suit, well now you know why. It is so cold in the North Pole that in the winter time temperatures rarely exceed -15 degrees, colder than the coldest spot year round in the United States. Another interesting fact about the North Pole is that it doesn’t have a time zone. This is why Santa Claus can travel around the whole world in a single night, because he is not limited to the normal constraints of time like everyone else.

Lastly, the North Pole is the only place on Earth that is void of any permanent buildings or structures. However, what many people, mainly adults, don’t realize is that there are many permanent buildings and structures located on the North Pole, the biggest being Santa’s Village and Toy Factory. The only problem is that Santa’s entire village is invisible. But it is not invisible to everyone. Santa’s Village and workshop are only visible to children who believe in Santa Claus and adults who still view the world with the wonder of a child.

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