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until Christmas
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Meet the Elves


Santa's Elves

Santa Claus has thousands of elves working for him at the magical and mysterious North Pole. If you think about how many children there are in the world, and if you think about how many elves it would take to make 3-4 toys for each child, then you're starting to get an idea of how many elves there are at the North Pole. The truth is that only Santa knows the exact number. These elves help Santa design toys, process the requests of children, help decide who's been naughty or nice, and make sure everything is ready come December 24th.

Santa's elves are generally small in stature, live for thousands of years, and are very clever. While Santa has thousands of elves working for him, he has a few hand picked elves that take care of the most important responsibilities. The most famous of these elves are Alabaster Snowball, Bushy Evergreen, Pepper Minstix, Shinny Upatree, Sugarplum Mary, and Wunorse Openslae.

Alabaster Snowball

Alabaster Snowball is chief among Santa's elves and is the administrator of the Naughty and Nice list. He has the important responsibility of helping Santa to decide who will be on this list every year. Alabaster is so smart that he actually came up with an ingenious system of managing the naughty and nice list by creating a rating system that updates four times a minute. That way Santa can have up to the minute information on what child is being naughty or nice, so he can adjust toy production accordingly. Also, Alabaster Snowball is the only elf in the world with a degree from Oxford.

Bushy Evergreen

Bushy Evergreen is Santa's chief toymaker and is the inventor of the amazing Magnetic Kinetic Toy Hulla-Ballu toy making machine. Bushy comes from a family of forest dwellers who lived in Northern Canada and learned the art of woodcarving at an early age. Bushy's first project was to carve a toothpick from a giant Oak Tree near his home. Even though it took him 27 years to complete it, Bushy saw the project through and quickly developed a reputation as a top notch wood carver. Once Santa heard this news he quickly sought him out to head his toy factory. To this date Bushy has carved over a million wooden trains, trucks, and other toys.

Pepper Minstix

Pepper Minstix has the very important job of making sure Santa's village and workshop remains hidden at all times. If the whereabouts of Santa's village and workshop ever got out it would be a disaster, but Pepper isn't going to let that happen anytime soon. Pepper Minstix is a tall, well tall for an elf, has black hair, a black beard and a strong and determined spirit. Pepper Minstix is the kind of elf that you don't want to get upset.

Shinny Upatree

Shinny Upatree is Santa's oldest friend and the oldest resident of Santa's North Pole Village. Along with Santa, he actually helped to co-found the entire village. Many people don't know this, but he is even older than Santa Claus. He is about 3 feet tall, skinny, and very cranky. You would be too if you were as old as Saint Nick. Despite Shinny's crankiness he is one of Santa's most trusted elves and has a good heart and a true devotion to Santa Claus.

Sugarplum Mary

Sugarplum Mary is head of Santa's Sweet Treat's division and personal assistance to Santa's wife, Mrs. Claus. Sugarplum Mary comes from the Northern Mountain Province of Asia where her people were a mystical race of elves known as the Sky People. Sugarplum Mary is tiny, extremely pretty, with thick black hair in the shape of a cooking wok. Sugarplum Mary is also known as Mary Christmas and is amazing around the kitchen.

Wunorse Openslae

Wunorse Openslae is one of the few Nordic Elves living at the North Pole and is around 600 years old. Wunorse Openslae is the designer of Santa's sleigh and is responsible for it's performance and maintenance. Wunorse also looks after all the reindeer and makes sure they're in first class flying shape. Wunorse has long blond hair worn in thick horse-styled braids and also keeps a pencil behind his ear, no matter where he is, in case he get's that next great idea.

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