until Christmas
until Christmas
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The Lead Reindeer

Dasher is actually one of the oldest of Santa's reindeer and was born many years ago at the North Pole. Dasher was the lead reindeer until Rudolf came along and is one of the fastest and strongest of Santa's reindeer. Dasher is now the left side leader and is paired next to Dancer at the top of Santa's sleigh, with Rudolf being the lead reindeer. Dasher is said to be the strongest of all of Santa's reindeer, and one of the fastest. Dasher is so good at dashing at short distances that he is said to be a dashing role model for the other 8 reindeer. It is said that the only reindeer to ever beat Dasher in a race was Rudolf, even though Comet has come close a few times.

Dasher's Name

Dasher was given his name because ever since he was a young reindeer, he always wanted to race all the other reindeer. Dasher is also the son of the founder of the Reindeer Academy, and legend has it, that he first caught the eye of Santa Claus when he was still a young reindeer, when he challenged all the older reindeer to a race and beat them all handily. After the famous race Dasher would often drive all the other reindeer crazy because every day he would insist on having another race. Santa often makes Dasher slow down when they are delivering presents because sometimes the other reindeer can't keep up.

Dasher's Other Duties

Dasher is also in charge of cleaning and waxing Santa's sleigh and making sure that the sleigh's directional radar systems are working correctly. Dasher's favorite elf is Kermit, one of the trainers for the reindeer, and his favorite foods are peanut butter cookies and baked potatoes. Santa often carries around peanut butter cookies in his sleigh because he knows how much Dasher loves them. Dasher's favorite color is green, and he loves watching the Olympics. Dasher can often be found racing Comet around the North Pole or out in the fields training with his best friend Kermit the elf.

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